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Project #2
Printing with Leaves

By Alix Blevins

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  • BAMPFA Art Lab Curriculum #02 — Spring 2020

    Printing with Leaves

  • Materials:

    • Leaves or plants of any kind (look for different shapes and textures!)

    • Paper or other type of surface for printing

    • Paints and/or inks (I used acrylic paint)

    • Paintbrush or sponge

    • Cup of water for cleaning brush/sponge

  • How To:

    1. Collect leaves and other plants from you yard or around your neighborhood.

    2. Use a paint brush or sponge to apply paint or ink to the leaf.

    3. Press the leaf down flat onto your paper or other printing surface. Try not to move it as you lay it down flat!

    4. Lift the leaf carefully to reveal your print!


    Try applying the paint or ink to both sides of the leaf. Observe what the different textures look like when printed.

    Try using a variety of leaves. Dead leaves, alive leaves. Big leave. Tiny leaves…

  • Leaf prints make great postcards to send to friends and family. Mail art is fun and healing.

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